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is dedicated to assisting those in need of his representation, folks like you. With our office conveniently located in

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Practice Areas include:

Automobile Accidents

– Even the most cautious drivers are involved in motor vehicle accidents through no fault of their own. Consult with our office to address concerns such as fixing your car, obtaining a rental, and reimbursement for medical expenses and lost wages.

Personal Injury

– If you have been injured because of negligence or the intentional acts of another person or corporation, we can hold those truly responsible for your medical expenses and lost wages.


– America prospered with the hands of those who came to this country with a dream and in search of better opportunity. We offer hope to those trying to realize the same dream today.

Traffic Tickets

– If you received a traffic citation by a law enforcement officer or in the mail, call us today. We may be able to dispose of your ticket in a way that will not affect your driving record or affect your insurance premium.

Business Litigation

– With legal counsel, you can ensure compliance with state and local laws, develop contracts that protect the interest of your business, and defend your business.

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