Areas of Practice

Automobile Accidents

Over the years, attorney

Richard Llerena

has helped hundreds of clients obtain the compensation they deserve. After an accident, you deserve an attorney with experience by your side. We can help you receive emergency care, top dollar for your property damage, get you a rental, and lost wage benefits.

Our office will only represent those who have been seriously victimized by the negligent driving of another, which may include violations of traffic laws, driving while talking or texting, or not paying attention. In addition, we are only interested in representing those who have been seriously injured, therefore, if your accident was minor or you received only minor treatment, please do not contact us.

Traffic Tickets

Did you know that by paying a traffic citation, you are admitting fault and will have a conviction on your driving record, which will likely cause an increase in your automobile insurance premium? Hire our office to defend your traffic citation and you may avoid a conviction on your driving record, points on your license, and an increase in your insurance premium.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured as a result of negligence, you should not feel shame to hold those responsible accountable for their shameful and reckless acts. Attorney

Richard Llerena

has helped victims of negligent security, negligent training and supervision by corporations, as well as other types of negligent acts.

Our office will only represent those who truly fall victim to another’s negligence or intentional acts, therefore, if you believe that you were in any way responsible for having caused your own accident or injuries, please do not contact us.


Contact us to strategize on whether we can help you become a legal immigrant or if you need attorney to defend a deportation proceeding. We also help businesses sponsor immigrants.

Business Litigation

With a strong litigation background and experience in representing major corporations,

Llerena Law

is ready to represent your business in the courtroom. Attorney

Richard Llerena

is there for your business during good times and bad to provide legal counsel. We can ensure that your business is in compliance with all industry standards, laws, and regulations. In addition, we can aggressively pursue legal action on behalf of your business or defend it.